What is EJF

European Jewish Fund.

The European Jewish Fund (EJF) was founded in February 2006 by Moshe Kantor to help strengthen Jewish life and identity throughout Europe.

Moshe Kantor firmly believes that assimilation is an existential and urgent threat to European Jewry, and must be addressed through programmes that reconnect Jews with Jewish life and values.

The EJF focuses especially on young people and connecting them to their Jewish peers. It supports a range of educational and leadership programmes that reinforce Jewish identity, and foster pride in religion, culture and sense of community. The supported projects are often dedicated to educating our young people about Jewish achievements in all aspects of life, ranging from culture to science to medicine.

Assisting Jews and Jewish Communities throughout Europe in promoting activities relating to European Jewry

established in 2006

Bringing Jewish Communities Together

supported programmes

European Jewish Fund supports the Jewish communities by four actions


EJF encourages and welcomes communal Jewish gatherings that foster dialogue between communities and its members with open exchanges of experience that produce common solutions to shared challenges.

culture & heritage

The Fund supports projects promoting positive aspects of Jewish life while also standing-up against threats to Jewish culture and heritage.


EJF supports a range of educational and leadership programmes that reinforce Jewish identity and foster pride in religion, culture and sense of community.

shoah memory

EJF is committed to promoting educational programmes that ensure the memory of the Shoah lives on and the that  lessons of the history are learnt.

Message from the EJF Chairman

Dear friends, in the modern age, the concept of community is no longer restricted to a shared work place, religious gathering or social interaction. Community today takes on new meaning, one shared across and within continents, in physical spaces and in virtual ones.

This is what the European Jewish Fund seeks to do, to look at the broader picture, to seek to build within and across communities, to encourage creativity and to provide the financial resources to new and important Jewish projects in Europe.

Dr. Moshe Kantor

European Jewish Fund Chairman

latest projects

All the latest updates and actions

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“Following the traces of hidden children”, Memorial expedition

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Baltic Jewish Network – BJN Weekend 2019

The Baltic Jewish Network (BJN) is an initiative of local young Jewish professionals in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia who...

Limmud Lithuania 2019

The Lithuanian Jewish Community (LJC) held its annual Limmud conference between 15-17 March 2019 in the southern Lithuanian spa...