Chibur – The Mosaiske Trossamfund


There are two active Jewish Communities in Norway, located in Oslo and Trondheim, but only 40% percent of the country’s Jewish population are members of these communities. The factors of assimilation, a diverse, hard-to-travel landscape and a small population scattered over a large territory with dispersed community centres in small towns all complicate strong community building and maintaining traditions and cultural life.

The Chibur project seeks to change this situation. The program is aimed to build a bridge which would reach out to as many Jews in Norway as possible in order to offer them a Jewish context in their everyday life and to give them a possibility to feel a part of the Jewish people.
The Chibur project was established to help Jews in Norway find their way to the Jewish community, connect them to each other and fulfil their cultural and traditional needs. With support of the European Jewish Fund the project successfully runs for three years.

The projects makes it easier to contact Jews who live far from Jewish community centres, inform them about Jewish community activities, map the needs people may have concerning their Jewish life, and create various programs that will be appropriate for as many community members as possible. The Chibur project also offers gatherings and celebrations around the country outside established community centres, organizing seminars, Bnei Akiva meetings and Summer Camp, sponsoring the high cost of travel and offering hostelling solutions for those who wish to join in Jewish activities in other cities, and offering special programs for Israeli members of the community, such as Israeli cultural events and gatherings.

The Chibur project has established an Internet Cheder program, which gives distant members of the Jewish community a convenient way to participate in Jewish studies.



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