EUJS Interfaith Seminar in Morocco

EUJS is an integral part of the European Youth Forum Interfaith Group, together with Muslim and Christian student groups, co‐organizing four interfaith seminars per year. EUJS believes strongly that interfaith dialogue, aside from its vital contribution to peace and understanding, has a powerful and meaningful impact on individuals’ identity and worldview. Cognizant of the many international organizations already devoted to dialogue, intercultural understanding and interfaith affairs, EUJS sees tremendous potential and strength in connecting these very organizations with each other. The program envisioned will be set up by young activists representing student and youth organizations invested in dialogue and interfaith projects, and will gather individuals and organizations from around the world.

Building on last year’s success in interfaith dialogue between European Jewish Youth leaders and Moroccan Muslim students, EUJS has decided to increase its efforts in order to establish, promote and maintain a strong, world‐wide network of interfaith activism.

The aim of this project was to gather the international leadership and key players within interfaith affairs in one conference for four days that will be held in Morocco. Building on a Jewish-Muslim interfaith seminar held last year in Morocco, EUJS decided to create a space for already established interfaith activists to share their work, exchange best and worst practices, discuss the challenges and to dive in and become inspired by Morocco’s rich history of Muslim Jewish coexistence and friendship. The participants actively involved themselves in the program, volunteering to lead sessions on a specific aspect of their religion, or sharing personal stories of successful interfaith initiatives.

Created environment encouraged creative and visionary discussions and fostered the will to work together, now and in the future.  EUJS also plans to issue a follow‐up press release, and to build social network platforms for anybody interested in the work of interfaith and inter-religious organizations. Besides strengthening their networks, the participants will establish joint campaigns, projects and initiatives that can be realized after the summit. EUJS believes that work based on cooperation of interfaith communities in various European countries is sorely needed. The summit will work with various media to be as constructive and effective as possible.

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